Who We Are

We are people standing up against the AIM pipeline. We have no political affiliation and are individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs and communities who have come together toward this common goal. If you are interested in contacting us, either email us HERE or SIGN THE PLEDGE

We organize nonviolent direct action to stop the AIM pipeline from being built. We do this because it is clear that we have no other alternative – we have tried everything to get the attention of elected officials and to use regulatory channels, and SPECTRA is building the pipeline anyway.

We have conducted open houses – see below for a video of Paul Blanch speaking out about the dangers posed by siting a high-pressure gas line so close to Indian Point:

We have approached politicians – below is a picture of over 23,000 petition signatures being delivered to the New York office of Senator Chuck Schumer:


What we have realized is that we must protect ourselves – no one will do it for us. And so that’s what we are doing – we are using nonviolent means to protect ourselves and our homes.