What is the AIM Pipeline?

  • Spectra Energy’s proposed AIM pipeline (also known as the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion) is a 42 inch-diameter, high pressure pipeline that would run under the Hudson River from Rockland County, NY, to Westchester County, NY
  • The AIM pipeline would run within 100 feet of Indian Point nuclear power facilities. To put that in perspective, regulators in New Mexico have in some cases mandated that pipeline projects stay outside of a mile radius of any nuclear facilities.
  • This project was subject to review by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NY EDC) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
  • Paul Blanch, an engineer with 45 years’ experience in nuclear power (including working both for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and at Indian Point) – has found that in its review the NRC used outdated software, did not model certain kinds of pipeline ruptures and generally neglected its responsibility to consider public safety.
  • Spectra Energy, the company proposing the project, has an abominable record of safety and ethical issues – since being spun off from their parent company Duke Energy in 2007, they have been charged with over $19 million in safety violations. Duke Energy was responsible for the 2014 coal ash spill that discharged 39,000 tons of ash and toxic material into North Carolina’s waterways (go HERE or HERE for more information).
  • The AIM Pipeline is part of a larger push to lock New York State into continued reliance on shale gas for our energy. Shale gas is a greenhouse gas that is 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20 year period. For the sake of our planet, our health and our communities, we can’t keep using fossil fuels – we know that our climate is changing, and we know that fossil fuels like shale gas are driving the problem.